Members from small branches of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints may feel that they are detached from the main mormon community.  By this site they can become part of the spiritual mormon community where they can search their eternal life partners world wide,  they can communicate with other members throughout  the world and they can search job or freelancing work which are available among the mormon community.

My vision and mission is to help all the mormon church members become self reliant.

I am sure many members in our church face problem in searching job or getting freelancing work .

So I have built this website where only our church members will be able to search job or freelancing work . At the same time Church members who have their own business or company can post their work in this website. By this way  the job seekers can easily  find a job. Thus we will be able to help our worthy mormon brothers and sisters who are in need.


It can become one common platform for all the church members to post any kind of work and search any kind of  work . The members who are not self reliant will get chance to be so.