Owner of this website : Sujal Kumar Saha , Had been serving as Branch President for 8 years, Kolkata Branch under India New Delhi Mission

Passed Bachelor of Computer Science and Engineering from Jadavpur University.

Currently working in Tata Consultancy Services ( TCS ) and started own business.

Our Vision : 

If a member ‘A’ owns a company or business and he is outsourcing his work to a person who is not member or to a company who’s owner is not member of our church then the money is going out from our Mormon family. But if ‘A’ posts his work requirement in ConnectingMormons.com then some talented members ( suppose ‘B’ ) from our church will be able to find the work and will finish the work.  In this way ‘A’ will get chance to make one or some members become self-reliant and ‘B’ will get chance to become self-reliant and the money will remain inside our Mormon family. Thus the cash flow will happen among ourselves and we can remain rich from generation to generation.

Our Mission :

We want to spread this website to all the members of our church. We all can become self-reliant or help other members become self-reliant when all the members of our church will use this website

My dream :

I am so happy now my website is very popular among the members of our church . My vision is to help all the members of our church through this website. All the members now understand that we all can help each other through this site. Everybody is using this site everyday. Members are posting freelancing works and job positions in this site. Members are getting work from this site and becoming self reliant. Single members who belong to small branch and not getting chance to get married within church members can now contact other single members from other wards and stakes and can easily find their right match from there. Searching eternal life partner and searching job or freelancing work has now become so easy because of this website. I am so happy that God has given me such wonderful idea to help all our members.

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