My dream

My dream :

I am so happy now my website is very popular among the members of our church . My vision is to help all the members of our church through this website. All the members now understand that we all can help each other through this site. Everybody is using this site everyday. Members are posting freelancing works and job positions in this site. Members are getting work from this site and becoming self reliant. Single members who belong to small branch and not getting chance to get married within church members can now contact other single members from other wards and stakes and can easily find their right match from there. Searching eternal life partner and searching job or freelancing work has now become so easy because of this website. I am so happy that God has given me such wonderful idea to help all our members

Earth Can Be Made Heaven
When majority of the people will try to become Rich then there will be revolution on this Earth and when everybody will become Rich then this Earth will become Heaven.
The vision of SuSayan Services ( website : ) is to make this Earth like Heaven . I attended one online training from one famous institute in USA and inspired to spread those trainings to everybody. We want to help everybody become Healthy, Wealthy, Happy, Peaceful and Successful by promoting below trainings :
You can tell us What do you really want and We will guide you how to achieve it. If you do what we say in our trainings there is no chance of failure.

Getting Rich or Getting Success is not a matter of luck, not a matter of your existing talents, not a matter of chance, not a matter of environment , not a matter of your family condition or financial condition, not a matter of your origin or race , It’s a Matter of Your Choice or Your Will to do it.

1 ) Anybody Can Get Success if He/she wants to get success.
2 ) Anybody Can Get Rich if He/she wants to get Rich.
3 ) How to overcome Fear, Worries or Anxieties, Anger, Superstition, Revenge….
4 ) How to overcome Sickness without medicine
5 ) How to get Better and Advanced Life
6 ) How to Increase Your Income
7 ) How to get more peace and more Happiness
8 ) How to Stay Young till the End of your Life
9 ) How to Start Your Own Business
10 ) How to Develop Higher Faculties or Creative Faculties of your Mind

We also provide training on Spoken English , Personal Development, Computer Subjects and in SAP .
Teachers, Students, Vendors, Customers, Big Business Owners, Religious and Political Leaders all are welcome in this site because together We Can Build Completely New Model which will make everybody Happy.

Pay only Rs. 1000 Per month and get Rich within 5 years. We will train you How to Increase Your Income. If you do what We say Your Success is guaranteed. With Us anybody ( No age limit ) can get Rich.

Want to buy Wooden Bed ( with Box ) or Soffa made of Mehogani Wood ? Go to . Price range Rs. 27000 to 55000 .

Want to buy Guitar or any Musical Instruments from best seller ? Price starts from Rs. 3000

Want to paint any wall of your home with beautiful picture by expert artist ? Price 200 Rs. per Sqft.

Want to sell our Products and Services as our Business Partner ( No age limit ) ? We will offer you highest Commission Rate possible.

Is your business affected in this situation ? Don’t fear. We have solution for every problems. With us you can make your business online within one day ? No need for your customers to come to your shop ? Pay only Rs. 1000 per month and We will guide you How to Increase Your Sales.

Want to advertise your Business? Pay only Rs. 1000 per month and skyrocket your business.

Sitting idle ? Wasting your time ? Utilize your time in good work . Trade your time and skill through us. Sell your Personal Services through us and enjoy Rich Life.

Teachers, want to make your teaching online ? Contact us.